Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase awareness

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At Talk Dyslexia we offer dyslexia support and advice to anyone who may need it, whether they think they have dyslexia or care for someone who may have dyslexia.

We support children and adults alike. We offer dyslexia assessments, consultations (for children or adults) and specialist tuition. We provide high quality dyslexia training for teachers and TAs and in-service training for schools and colleges.

We support employees and employers in the workplace through assessment, skills support and dyslexia awareness training. We offer a variety of courses on dyslexia and related topics delivered by experienced professionals - something for everyone! And we have the most amazing shop on our website, brimming with books, games and learning resources!

You can also order our unique Talk Dyslexia products and all our stock right here on our website shop.

Together we inspire people to believe in themselves, achieve their goals and succeed on their own terms.

1. We listen to you
2. We get to know you
3. We identify your strengths and empower you to act on them
4. We train educators to be the best they can be to inspire learners to learn
5. We support learners of all ages and their families
6. We support schools and colleges
7. We enable employees to succeed in the workplace
8. We raise awareness and support employers to provide the best opportunities for employees to progress
9. We fund raise to support those in need
10. We sell books and learning resources that help

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Workshops / 2018 / Nairobi

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Workshops / 2018 / Nairobi

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