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Training of teachers on instructing and supporting children with dyslexia: 3 teachers from selected partner schools will participate in a 3-day training of trainers (TOT) on available referral services and support for children with dyslexia. The training will be on evidence-based reading instruction to minimize the impact of dyslexia.

Teachers will also be trained on early screening/identification of students at risk of long-term literacy problems, including dyslexia and strategies that support students with dyslexia including resilience development, use of non-print mediums, and policy framework around inclusive education.

They will also be given resources inform of training manuals for future reference. As a result of the training, teachers will support and oversee implementation of reading club activities. The teachers will be the point-of-contact for the project in their schools and will be responsible for the establishment of a network with external agencies where sensitive cases can be referred.

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Workshops / 2018 / Nairobi

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