Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase awareness

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These awareness creation efforts will seek to provide correct information on learning disabilities including dyslexia as well as available opportunities in support of such children.

School based awareness raising this will be done at school level through child to child reading clubs as well as in the assembly through participatory methodologies such as music, theatre, motivational speaking among others.

Publicity event: the event will be a culmination of the reading club activities carried out during the project year, the event will bring together teachers, reading club leaders, parents and community members where performances will be made by pupils and other groups. The aim of this activity will be to foster and raise awareness on the rights of children with dyslexia and the different gifts and talents they possess. 40 % of the participants in this event will be children with dyslexia.

Delegating at the United Nation

Workshops / 2018 / Nairobi

TV interview at Signs TV

Workshops / 2018 / Nairobi

Interview with Kass TV

Workshops / 2018 / Nairobi

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