We’re tightly connected with our communities.

Dedicated Teams

Committed to helping people with dyslexia and learning difficulties reach their goals, to personalizing their experiences

Global Know-how

In Africa we aren’t yet aware of these conditions. We adopt progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques to further he movement

True Partners

Our strong sense of identification with people with dyslexia and learning disabilities means that we are constantly striving

Focus On Solution

This sense of identification also means we value and promote seamless interaction with different communities, the government & organisations


Expert Team

Kendi Kamanja Oketch

CEO & Founder

Dr John Ouma Onala

Doctor of Philosophy, Special Education

Simon K Mwangi

Specialist & Awareness Advocate


What Our Clients Say

Jacqueline Oluoch

School Psychologist

My name is Jacqueline Oluoch and I am writing because i just watched your talk on dyslexia. I am a school psychologist by training and I am looking at finding partners in Kenya to possibly work on bringing assessments, and academic interventions to help students struggling in the classroom.

Migwi Ndung'u


I saw this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2wMZAlaoQQ talk and suddenly I can relate. I have always had a problem expressing myself where I have like a 1000 ideas to talk about but once I start on one half way into it, my mind signal me of a better one. I then do make a transition that confuses my audience further.

Grace Shiru Kinyua

Concerned Mother

Hi,I watched your interview and ended up on this page. I highly suspect my son could be dyslexic. Is there a standardized test that can help me know for sure? It breaks my heart to see him feel like he’s not good enough especially based on his performance on class. Please advice.

Zainabu Mohamed


Hello, My child is in class 8. I believe he has dyslexia, he has trouble differrentiating between p and q, b and d and hates reading. He is a good artist and loves playing the cello. I also have a school that i started last year. we are up to grade 3. I would really like to learn more for my sons sake and the children in my school. would you allow me to join your support group.

I support dyslexia...

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